Strain Review: Garlic Slushie by Urban Canna

Garlic Slushie by @theurbancanna 🧄🥤

Lineage/Genetics: (Garlic Sherb x GM-Sno #6)

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Urban Canna

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Dispensary: TreeHouse Collective

Garlic Slushie Strain Review

This strain checks the box for bag appeal. The dense, chunky nugs are mostly mint green with some gray purple and forest green coloration providing a stark contrast that catches the eye. There’s a healthy layer of greasy looking trichromes that cover the surface. Orange hairs are present, but only several in bits here and there. 👀

This strain has heavy garlic terps in terms of smell, first and foremost, but it’s also a little greasy and earthy with the smallest bit of sweet candy on the end. Breaking one of these super sticky nugs open reveals strong garlic, petrol, and sour with a little bit of sweet. It left a sour sweet smell that reminded me of sour patch kids on my fingers after breaking it up. 🍬

I was really surprised that the inhale has so much of the sweet sugar terps that come from the non-gmo sides of the crosses. The exhale, on the other hand, is all savory GMO. It’s the kind of GMO that encompasses all those garlicky, oniony, greasy terps that get you drooling for more. It kind of felt like the sweet and savory terps were playing tug of war with my taste buds as I was burning down a cone. The after taste on it was strong, savory, and garlicky which holds up with some of my favorite GMO strains. 🧄

The strain smoked well and produced a pleasant, relaxing, and long lasting high. It’s a balanced body high without too much couch lock. 💨

Overall I would rate this strain as a, “buy and smoke with friends.” It has solid bag appeal and smell, but I enjoyed the taste and the high the most. While there are some layered terps here, the GMO terps are predictably, dominant. Urban Canna is a solid grower with a lot of flavorful strains. It seems like their GMO crosses, in particular, get a lot of attention, and you can see why given the presentation. Picked up @thc.503 @dare2bee_you 🔥

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