Cultivar Review: Dragon Hammer #1 by The Kolektor’s Stash x Sensei

Dragon Hammer #1 #dragonhammer 1 — by @kolektors_why_oze x @thekolektor x @thekolektors

Lineage/Genetics – G13 x Afghan/ Pakistán Kush

Original Breeder/Grower – The Kolektors

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Dragon Hammer #1 Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

DragonHammer 1 doest have the most wonderful look but it has a euphoric high that take you to wonders. NYC bred flower with an historical cross. The palate is dank woodsy, earthy, herbal, landrace flavor . The high is medium low cerebral, relaxed body high. It’s perfect for a wake and bake. It’s not for your average candy smoker. It’s more for those that appreciate the vintage terps of the G-13 and Afghan Kush landraces. The scent is pinene, earthy, hints of g13 fuel. The nugs came dense with the signature kolektor clementine color stigmas, snap peas color buds. The ashes burn less salt and more pepper and maintain that color thru the whole joint. The smoking experience could of been better, inhale was bitter smooth due to the G13 fuel. The high though kept me going. It has great benefits for the muscles, kept me in great spirits. I just really didn’t like the way it burned. I feel it has the potential to be better on another run in that aspect and respectively.

I started feeling the high about 7-8 pulls in and the high can last about 1.5- hours to 2. Overall I like the effects, scent, taste. Dragon Hammer will have you couched lock and most definitely a chest locker. In due time, I think this flower can be improved on the smoke and it will be the perfect smoke 💨.

Shoutout to the @thekolektor x @kolektors_why_oze @ For the consistency and putting on for our city..

Dragon Hammer 3.5/5 – updated review 3.9/5 I changed the paper has a better experience

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