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Strain Review: Supreme Ruckus by Happy Daddy Products

Supreme Ruckus Lineage/Genetics: (GMO x Açaí Gelato) Grown by: Happy Daddy Products @happydaddyproducts Bred by: Wyeast Farms @wyeast_farms2 ✨ Terpene Profile: Unknown

Supreme Ruckus Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

This strain has fantastic visual appeal. It’s characterized by big, chunky nugs with elongated little fingers on the top that come from the GMO side of the genetics. The nugs are mint green with emerald leafage and singular amber pistils all over. The trichome stalks are long and thick enough to see with plain eye sight, contributing to the buds hairy appearance. They shine white under light/flash which gives the bud a dazzling glow 🤩 The smell on Supreme Ruckus is exhilarating. It’s leads with a powerful gassy and sweet profile, followed by a layer of earthiness underneath. The gas side is a heavy chem with sour notes of diesel and pine. It’s astringent and pervasive, but also sugary and smooth from the Açaí Gelato cross. Breaking down the strain releases an extremely strong aroma that I would describe as candied kush 🤤 The flavor on this strain is phenomenal. It hits you immediately with a kushy gas flavor on the front end and a smoother, sweetened exhale. This strain has a significantly heavy chem influence that is rare in GMO strains. I feel like I’ve tasted over a dozen in the last few months that are more garlicky or dirty sock tasting than gassy, so the taste on this one was a treat. The exhale, in contrast, is sweet and creamy, balancing out some of the abrasiveness in the rest of the profile ⛽️ I would describe the high on it as a delightful cerebral head high that leaves me buzzing and cheery. It provides light neck tension relief but otherwise minimal body effects. There is some mild nostril harshness while smoking, but it is, overall, an incredibly smooth smoke that doesn’t cause coughing. It’s sticky to the touch and creates a moderate amount of kief when broken up 😶‍🌫️ Overall, Supreme Ruckus is a marvelous strain. It has all of the features it needs to, but the nose and flavor are where it really shines. It’s interesting how close to chem the strain leans both in terms of smell/flavor profile and high instead of GMO. Either way, it is a unique presentation, and I throughly enjoyed smoking it. S/o to Ken and @evanhd17 at @happydaddyproducts
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Check out more reviews by @pnw_chronic on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/pnw_chronic)

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