Cultivar Review: Sinai by No Patients Left Behind

This Sinai (Egyptian Landrace) had a unique, sweet terpinolene nose. Decently strong but not loud. When I cracked the nug the sweet terpinolene was super pungent. The buds were dark green and quite wispy, with not much density to them at all. This flower didn’t have the standard jar appeal of dense frosty buds with a loud nose. In fact, you would probably almost never find flower like this on the shelf at a dispensary.

Lineage/Genetics: Egyptian Landrace

Grower: No Patients Left Behind

Sinai Review

The flavor was strong terpinolene up front that faded into a pleasant sweetness 😋 The terpinolene wasn’t overwhelming at all and was actually quite nice. The vapor was decently thick with long lasting flavor. The Sinai vaped incredibly smooth 🙌🏼

The high was euphoric, clear headed, and gave me some full body relief. The Sinai didn’t mess with my anxiety and I also noticed a little appetite stimulation 👍🏼 I wouldn’t say that the effects were weak but I also wouldn’t describe them as strong. Kinda mellow. Unique effects though and some good daytime meds for me.

Overall I found this Egyptian Landrace to be quite unique and I definitely enjoyed trying it. I wouldn’t seek it out again personally, but I was certainly intrigued by the genetics 🧬

February 2022

This review was sponsored by No Patients Left Behind & Landrace Preservation Society

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