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Strain Review: #33 by Backpack Boyz

#33 (Scottie Pippen), by Backpack Boyz

The West Coast has made its way officially to the Midwest market! With the recent opening of the Backpack Boyz in Monroe, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the many packs that I’ve been dying to try from Cali. I’m glad to have had the experience of the Cali packs, and I am excited to delve into the Michigan version. Needless to say, the fire is here and content is here a plenty! I have so much in store for y’all, the block is about to be really hot on this one. I want to start off with the staples that are fire on the west coast, and are just as fire here in Michigan. Lemon Cherry Gelato, and #33, Scottie Pippen. These two strains are dominating and are personally my favorites in Michigan’s reputable contribution to the West Coast brand.

Bred by: Backpack Boyz (@officialbackpackboyz) (@backpackboyz.monroe) & 5Points (

Grown by: Regency Specialties

Genetics: Biscotti x Lemon Cherry Gelato

I think out of all of the designs of the bags I’ve seen of LGC, this is far by my favorite.

Taste: 9.5/10; This is a strong and I can’t stress enough, legendary strain next to the mother itself (LCG). The pairing of the Biscotti adds to the heavy gassy gelato taste with the Lemon Cherry Gelato. How many times do I express that Gelato is my favorite? Not enough? You’re probably new here, and it’s something you’ll get used to eventually. The grow was absolutely comparable to its Cali counterpart, real dense and sticky, stunning as per usual. This is a strain that could be smoked everyday, and I can guarantee you that it is definitely on my plate consistently.


Pack or no Pack, this is some championship bud right here. If you haven’t had your hands on this, you’re missing out.

Smoke: 9.5/10; The pairing of the LCG and the Biscotti gives off a smooth smoke. IT is a super couch lock, and is legendary. I can definitely attest that the Michigan version of #33 rivals its Cali version. The Lemon Cherry Gelato is more prevalent on the exhale with this cut and has the strength of it as well. In my personal opinion, Backpack Boyz Lemon Cherry Gelato is my all time favorite grow of the strain and it never fails to impress.


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