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CBD Concentrate Review: Casino Cookies CBD Hash by TexasMeds

🔥Casino Cookies High-melt dry sift cbd hash by @tx.meds 🔥 .

Casino Cookies CBD Hash Review

I have missed good dry sift hash, it’s actually one of my favorite concentrates! Rosin being my favorite. So when this package cane through the door today I was through the roof with excitement! The packaging was great, all sealed and kept fresh! It came in a nice little glass jar which I really like for my dry sift. The color is really light and golden beige! It’s beautiful to look at, you can just see how clean all those little heads are! There isn’t a huge smell from the jar, but you can smell that it’s hash. I put a little in some parchment and pressed it with a warm piece of glass, that’s what you see in the video. Once I pressed it you could definitely tell it was a cookie strain. I put it over some blue cheese flower and the taste of the hash came through like a champ. You really do taste cookies. So good! I’m really impressed with the quality of this drysift, and I can tell @tx.meds knows what he is doing! He affects are immediately noticeable, heavy eyes, with a wash over of relaxation. It worked Amazingly for my anxiety and tense muscles! With 67.4% CBD it makes sense! I give this a rating of 8 out of 10! Keep up the great work @tx.meds, I’m excited to see what you come out with next! 😁✌️🔥 . . Don’t forget to check my YouTube channel and subscribe, the link is in my bio! . . 🚨For discounts and coupon codes from the top hemp flower companies follow the link in my bio! Enjoy!🚨 . . #hempcbd #hempnugs #hempflower #hempflowers #cbdflower #hempdrysift #veganstoner #cbdweed #cbdhemp #cbdreviews #cbdreview #strainreview #strainreviews #cbddrysift #topshelfhemp #weedporn #hempbuds #drysift #crafthemp #hempconcentrate #hempreviews #cbdhash #cbdconcentrate #cbdstrain #danknugs #hemphash #cbdheals #antianxiety #naturalpainrelief #theweedtube
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Check out more reviews by @consciouscloudscbd on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/consciouscloudscbd)

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