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CBD Strain Review: Trophy Wife by Fern Valley Farms

🔥Trophy Wife by @fernvalleycbd🔥 This flower was actually a freebie when I ordered a reroll of their lifter to try them out! What a surprise, I actually received 2 prerolls and an 1/8 of Trophy Wife smalls with the purchase of one preroll! This company is on point! The flower itself smells like candy flowers! It’s very floral and pungent. The taste is sweet but no other flavors stand out to me. The effects are strong with this one as it sets in behind the eyes and makes you want to take a nap! Great for sleep and anxiety as well as muscle tension. Definitely check out @fernvalleycbd before the 12 days of hempmas is over, they have a different freebie everyday until xmas. Even for smalls I give this flower a strong 7 out of 10! Keep it up Fern Valley Farms 😁✌️🌲 . . 🚨For discounts and coupon codes from the top hemp flower companies follow the link in my bio! Enjoy!🚨 . . #hempflower #cbdflower #cbdflowers #hempflowers #cbdweed #hempweed #weedstagram #legalweed #legalsmoke #cbdsaves #hemplife #hemp #hempproducts #fernvalleyfarm #cbdnugs #hempnugs #cbdsmoke #cbdgas #hempgas #loudpack #cbd #trichomes #smokeweedeveryday #mmj #freeweed
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Check out more reviews by @consciouscloudscbd on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/consciouscloudscbd)

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Check out more reviews by @consciouscloudscbd on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/consciouscloudscbd)

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