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Strain Review: Cherry Pop Tart by Stone Heads

Cherry Pop Tart, by Stone Heads

Venturing off to another Tiki x Stone Head collaboration, we go right onto the Cherry Poptart! Honestly was reeled in by the packaging, although I’m fearful of what can come for these brands with trademarks, I’ll keep it up while they can as well..LOL. While it isn’t my favorite flavor of pop tart, I had different expectations going into this strain, and I was still impressed. Peep below as to how this wonderful breakfast strain can get your day started.

Testing in at a high 27.43%, this strain will satisfy your pop cravings!

Bred by: Tiki Madman (@tikimadman) Grown by: Stone Heads (@stoneheads.detroit) Genetics: High School Sweetheart x Wedding Crashers Taste: 8/10; This strain definitely had a strong fruity cherry taste to it and was something I did not expect. Typically not a fan of fruity strains, this one from Tiki Madman exceeded my expectations, delivering exactly what I look for in terms of taste. The combination of the strong fruity notes and the smooth cake undertones created a harmonious flavor profile that I thoroughly enjoyed. I commend Stone Heads for cultivating this strain so impeccably; it truly deserves recognition for its exquisite flavor and overall quality.

The craft of Tiki Madman and the grow from Stone Heads surpassed my expectations.

Smoke: 7/10; I was pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable and light this strain is. Despite not typically favoring sativa-leaning strains, this one captured my interest in a way I didn’t expect. I highly recommend it as a perfect daytime smoke, and it’s also great for socializing with friends. Its subtle yet uplifting effects make it a daytime smoke, and even make a perfect fixing for smoking with your friends.
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