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Strain Review: Oreoz Blizzard by Stone Heads

Oreoz Blizzard, by Stone Heads

Definitely a strain that has cracked my disdain for sativa-leaning strains. I was impressed with the taste palette on this and again anything I get my hands on bred by Tiki is damn near an automatic winner. Oreoz Blizzard really outdid it for me in looks, taste, and smoke. I really can’t stress it when I say I was impressed with this strain for it to be a sativa because I’m more of an indica-dominant leaning strain person. Peep out the thoughts and how I was converted to give sativa more of a chance!

Bred by: Tiki Madman (@tikimadman) Grown by: Stone Heads (@stoneheads.detroit) Genetics: Oreoz x Lemon Icee Taste: 8/10; The taste on this strain was amazing. The pairing of Lemon Icee added to its strong limonene profile with a hint of diesel from the Oreoz. In addition to its limonene profile, it definitely had a peppery smell to it that satisfied its smoke.  I definitely noticed that the Oreoz in this strain is a bit overpowered by the Lemon Icee strain but definitely provides a smooth smoke in addition to its strong lemon taste.

The frost on the bugs satisfies that ice cream craving feeling with this strain.

Smoke: 8/10; Even though this was a sativa leaning strain, to me it hit hard more like an indica. I was fairly impressed with the Oreoz Blizzard. For its price range and its special ($25, 3/$100), it is really good fire and well-crafted quality cannabis. I’d definitely recommend this in addition to the Dr.41 as my top favorites from Stone Heads. I can’t wait to see if there are any additional collaborations with Tiki, and I’ll definitely be venturing into some more strains from Stone Heads pretty soon!
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