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Cultivar Review: Blue Skunk #2 by Briceland Forest Farm

With direct lineage to bonafide classics, Blue Skunk No 2 delivers an intense and uplifting kind of relief that is difficult to find in a market crowded by letdowns and hype.

Cultivar: Blue Skunk No. 2

Lineage/Genetics: Santa Cruz Blue Dream X Old Dave Skunk

Bred and Selected by: Doc Ray Genetics @doc_ray_genetics

Cultivated by: Briceland Forest Farm @bricelandforestfarm

Distribution by: Farm Cut Canna @farmcutcanna

Certified Regenerative by: Sun and Earth @sunandearthcert

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Blue Skunk #2 Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

blue skunk 2 by briceland forest farm strain review by dank maven

Appearance: High scores were earned because of fantastic cure, bud maturity, tactile quality, etc but the trichome situation is ridiculous. The coverage and integrity of the heads are both unbelievable. This is porn for herb nerds.

Aroma: The most obvious aroma notes are funky cheese (somewhere between Parmesan and blue), fruit leather, bad breath…fans of raunchy cheesy things will definitely be into the aroma profile. Further exploration brings up notes of bread dough, gas and basement dust.

Flavor: We found this to have a foundation of cigar tobacco notes from beginning to end in our joints. Inhales bring tobacco and pepper, while exhales are often defined by a combination of orange, apricot and mango that lingers between pulls. The incredible smoothness of the smoke and perfect burn reinforce our high opinion of the post-harvest work being done at the farm.

Experience: This is where Blue Skunk really stands apart. The effect that it delivers builds strength quickly and continues to do so for a good thirty minutes. It just keeps climbing. At times, due to the intensity, it feels like it’s all head effect, but as soon as you turn your attention to your body, you realize it has completely melted as well. Doc Ray says he bred this to help with pain and tension in both body and mind. We say mission accomplished.

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Breeder Note’s from Doc Ray Genetics:

according to @doc_ray_genetics : Dave’s Skunk origins are rumored go back to early Skunk #1. “Likely has blueberry, white shark or white Rhino, and started with a Master or Hindu Kush – all Interior emerald triangle work and origins.”

what @bricelandforestfarm said is the lineage as I understand it, Dave had worked on it for years, he gifted it to mein the early 90s. Its a DJ Short Blueberry x a Whites (we were working with only two back then) pretty sure its the Rhino but couldve been a Shark, and then a sourced Hindu Kush or Master Kush (again we were working with only a couple kushs back then I believe its the Hindu though) – I picked Old Dave because its was the dankest pain plant I had two decades ago, and the SC Blue Dream was sourced right outta santa cruz by me in 05-06. The rest is history and my select breeding it for going on eighteen years now 🙏🏽 hope that helps

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