Cultivar Review: Elephants Growth by Unknown Cultivator

#elephants_growth by unknown cultivator x @reel_roll_relax

Lineage/Genetics – OG Kush x elephant

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Unknown

Terpene Profile: Unknown


Elephants Growth Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

I’ve been hearing about elephant growth for the last two years or so. The story behind this particular flower is mysterious. The cultivator that grew the Elephant Growth had stopped growing, but few other cultivators has kept the “elephant growth” deep freeze for over two years. The unknown trapper deep freeze about 5 pounds. The scent is og Kush’s earthiness soil fragrance backed by a terpenolene fuel . The structure resembled the unruly og, similarities on the amber pistils & other features like scent & taste. The palate is piney, earthy with that og fuel gas punch. It’s like smoking a real good cut of OG Kush. The inhale is a bit harsh mix with spice . The effects are a heavy intense cerebral high, perfect afternoon smoke. I ain’t going to lie the body high is intense. The effects had me drowsy for hours. The ashes burn more salt than peppper. I smoked it on a raw organic hemp paper 4/5 on the experience based on my rolling, fuel on the 😮‍💨 . Overall the flower maintain its purpose to get me high. It taste & smell vintage. The effects are suiting and beneficial for relaxation. Even if it’s real or not elephant 🐘 I like this cut . 4.4/5 —- ..
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