Cultivar Review: Grape Bubba by Louis VuChron

Grape Bubba

Lineage/Genetics: (Purple Urkle x Bubba Kush)

Grower: Louis VuChron @lvc.notaweedaccount.pdx ✨

Original Breeder: Unknown

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Louis VuChron Grape Bubba Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

grape bubba by louis vuchron strain review by pnw.chronicVisual appeal on the Grape Bubba is superb. An abundance of trichomes encrusts each splendid nug, covering the surface area down to the bronze pistil fibers. The heads on the trichomes are big enough to be seen with the naked eye and beam with a dazzling gloss thats magnified under flash. The base coloration of the flower is a vivid, lime green hue with a display of deep indigo and borderline black leafage 😍

The GB has a nose that’s exceptional. It has a nearly tropical, fruity grape scent paired with a profusion of skunky kush. It’s an earthy, woody fragrance complimented by subtle, sour notes of lemon and lime. The aroma expands when broken down, exuding a funky, burnt rubber and sweetened, zesty kush expression that titillates the senses 🍇

The taste on the GB is also outstanding. It has a distinguished, skunky, kush inhale with nuanced notes of cured wood and earth. The exhale adds a nectareous sweet grape taste that tenuously teases the tongue on every hit. A burning, diesel gassiness coalesces as the flower burns down, becoming more prominent and raunchy with every hit. The end result is this roiling-diesel-fire kush flavor with a small, succulent splash of sweet grape ⛽️

The GB has a powerful and sedating effect. It creates soothing cerebral pressure and a stupefying heaviness in the body that leaves the eyes drooping. It’s a relaxing, palliative high that feels medicinal and satisfying. The flower is soft but dense, slightly sticky, and produces a significant amount of kief. It has a consistent, steady burn that’s remarkably smooth to the last hit 😶‍🌫️

Grape Bubba is a phenomenal cultivar. It easily checks the boxes from arresting bag appeal to intoxicating effect. The old school Bubba Kush and Purple Urkle profiles are brought to life here at an incredible level of quality. This is one of those strains that old school smokers, or fans of a good kush in general, will immediately recognize and enjoy. As always, phenomenal work from Louis Vuchron 🔥

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Check out more reviews by @pnw_chronic on Instagram! (

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