Sweet Bunz Mix by Holistic Hash

This Holistic Hash Sweet Bunz Mix (True Glue + MAC 1 + Bubba Kush) full spec live rosin has a strong sweet hashy smell to it. This is definitely some full spec.

Lineage/Genetics: True Glue + MAC 1 + Bubba Kush

Grower/Processor: Tao Gardens/Holistic Hash

Delivered By: The Potland

Sweet Bunz Mix Live Rosin Review

Although there is a nice sweet citrus gas profile hiding in there, the hash smell is the most dominant. The color is what you would expect from budget full spec, kinda dark. The texture is quite nice though.

Dabbing the Sweet Bunz was better than I expected. It wasn’t that harsh, but it was definitely hashy 😅 It did have a nice sweet gas to the profile as well, I could pick out the True Glue most in the mix. The high was stoney in my head with some nice body relief. I have to be honest and say that this product is just not for me. The rosin is high quality food grade in my opinion, and I’ll be using the rest to make myself canna caps. If you absolutely won’t dab BHO I guess this hash rosin would be ok for the price point, but I just don’t see the value personally.

Made 8/16/21

Tested 8/24/21 Chemhistory


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