Strain Review: Bubba Kush by GrowHealthy

Some #bubbakush from @fl_growhealthy to put my thoughts at ease, and early afternoon spasms at rest. How often do you medicate to treat your condition to be able to live a “normal life”?

Lineage/Genetics: OG Kush x Northern Lights

Original Breeder: Unknown (Los Angeles)

Grower: GrowHealthy

Processor: GrowHealthy

Dispensary: GrowHealthy

GrowHealthy Bubba Kush Strain Review

bubba kush by growhealthy strain review by shanchyrlsThc: 12.04%

Condition: insomnia, pain, anxiety

Recommended time of use: I would recommend this strain in the late night, as this strain really put me on my ass to say the least. I was really caught off guard

Head: My eyes felt it minutes after ingestion, as my eyelids began to get very very heavy!

Body: My body was fully relaxed and my RLS was at ease, allowing me to get a descent nights rests, and when having RLS getting a goodnights sleep is very rare

Creativity/talkative: I was not talkative, nor very creative after medicating, as all I wanted to do was to sleep and get comfy in my bed.

Hunger: I actually got really really hungry with this strain, and it hit me out of nowhere, it was more of like a “I wonder if I’m hungry…. Holy shhh Im starving” moments xD .
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