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Strain Review: Knockout OG by Tyson Ranch

Knockout OG🥊😪 Lineage/Genetics: (an OG Kush cut) Original Breeder: Tyson Ranch Grower: Originals CA Distributor: Kali Distribution

Knockout OG Strain Review

30.11%THC 34.81% Total Cannabinoids . @tysonranchofficial cultivator – @originals_ca distro – @kalidistribution . If this is how it feels to get knocked out by Tyson I might be up for it 😂🥊😴 . 🥊 Appearance Big kushy super sticky well structured nugs with soft leaves flooded in trichomes. Vibrant hues of green get as bright a a pale pine green and as dark as a shining emerald complemented by burnt orange pistils give fresh foresty essence to the aesthetic. . 😪Aroma Classic kushy aroma. Heavy notes of sweet earth with a fresh baked undertones, pungent and balancing notes of pine , diesel and some lemony citrus. . 🥊Flavor Earthy at first drag with a sweet creamness to lighten up the hit. As I inhale a sharp diesel flavor slices through leaving a sweet piney citrus taste as you exhale. Overall heavy sweet earthy flavor with some significant piney citrus diesel terps , reminds me of a caramel sour apple. I didnt cough once, super high quality smoke very soothing on your throat. . 😴Experience A truly amazing high, Classic OGs are my favorite types to smoke and this one xheck all the right boxes. While smoking you get a nice active and uplifting rush of euphoria that slowly fades until you find yourself stoned and lost in euphoric thought. Soon youll realize along with any aches and pains or negative thoughts melting away you feel one with the world as you get lost in time. . 🥊Super terpy with great benefits – manage stress, depression,insomnia,fatigue – helps with physical aches and pains great for athletic recovery, “body melting” – anytime strain , heavyhitting . #idonotowntherightstothismusic foreducationalpurpose #forentertainmentpurposesonly
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