Strain Review: The Toad by Tyson Ranch

The Toad 🍄

Lineage/Genetics: (Chemdawg OGGirl Scout Cookies)

Original Breeder: Tyson Ranch

Grower: Tyson Ranch

The Toad Strain Review

Indica Dominant Cannabis Flower
36.07% THC
41.429% Total Cannabinoids
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🥊These nugs are very big and long, receiving alot of it’s surface coverage and kushy nug size from the Chemdawg OG but still retaining a nice density and chunkysness like the GSC. Dusty snowy Trichomes for days.
🍄The nugs are mostly green in color with some indigo hues developing on the outer layers slightly dominating and bleeding the forest green tones especially at the top of the nugs. The bold burnt amber stigmas add some balance to the colors. They are embedded in clusters and concentrate toward the darkers hues areas of the flower. As you get closer to the stem lighter greens really start to pop.
🐸The aromas and flavors are as unique and intense as the the overall experience. Upon opening the jar you get deep spicy notes of cinnamon, citrus and hops with deep earthy base and a sharp consistent note of fuel. On the first puff I taste a calming earthy cinnamon burst with hopsy citus notes layered underneath, but on the second hit I tasted a more fuel ended citrus hops flavor that shot an intense surge of euphoria to my mind before melting into my body. It felt like this happened every puff until I was in total relaxation and feeling one with my surroundings like we all apart of the same spider web.
🥊A hardhitting super intense high, great for managing mental and physical stress. Highly recommended for high tolerance cannabis users eapecially if you need to cut back on quantity smoked. Great for insomnia and fatigue or even a little in the morning for a wake n bake them help get you on a positive track for the rest of the day. Some terps i felt dominated were Myrcene caryophyllene terpinolene and humulene.

🍄”The truth shall be Toad”🐸
of course I had to figure out what this meant and what toad mushrooms and/or frogs had to go with the experience. “What are you tryna tell me Mike Tyson?” *in my M.T voice)
..So heres what I got, During a Joe Rogan interview Mike Tyson talked about abd experimence he once had with DMT, this is where the hype originated.
Toad is another name for mushroom and we all know what shrooms do psychedelically , Also back in the day a myth was goin around that if you lick a frog youll get high. It all comes from a term called “milking the frog” or DMT milking which refers to the method used for creating Psychedelic Toad Milk, A way to experience DMT. Literally they extract the DMT from a Bufo Alvarius aka Colorado River Toads to get a high thats supposedly strong than peyote etc. Bufo means Toad in Latin . (5-MeO-DMT) is a psychoactive indolealkylamine that naturally occurs in the toad’s venom. All very fitting for this high inensity, psychedelically euphoric and relaxing experience.

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