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Strain Review: Bombshell by Brite Labs

Bombshell 💣 . Lineage/Genetics: (Nana PieJoes Lemonade) Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: Brite Labs Dispensary: Mint

Bombshell Strain Review

Indica dominant Sun Grown Cannabis Flower . 22.2%THC . @brite.labs @britelabs.monica805 @enjoymintdelivered . 💣Fresh off the broken seal you get fresh pine and citrus aromas with a subtle, mute grassy notes. As I break the flower down you get stronger notes of citrus and lime that have a tangy backend and a deep note of sweetness. . 💨The nugs had some nice sugary Trichomes on the leaves the main color were green and orange. Lots of deep and forest greens with lighyer greens kind of getting over taken by the orange clusters of pistils. The nugs were slightly dry but still broke down well, they had a nice unrefined shape to them. . 💣Suprisingly the flavors are a little different than the aroma, off the first puff you get a citrus forward pull(as expected) that kicks off a heady feeling that really gets your mind going for a few moments, but a deep creamy nilla wafer tasting subtleness that really brings the heady rush right back to your body puting you on nice path to relaxation. You can kind of smell the nana pie coming through the aroma after youve smoke it and your brain had time to analyze. . 🔥In almost no time you find yourself on a peaceful plane worry free and stress free. I found my self stuck in time and in thought yet enjoying the silence and indifference, well at least I wasn’t stressed about decisions. The strain gave me exactly what I was looking for a way to escape the current reality and even offered a good night’s sleep and great healing for my body. I didnt have the highest expectations for this one but it ended up being the one actually needed. . 💣This was my first time trying @britelabs (oakland based) and I was impressed. Overall i like the effects alot so id definitely by again as a budget smoke, i didnt expect to make a review but enjoyed it so much I felt obligated lol 💯I did get it at deal from @enjomint, I threw away the jar already but i should’ve recorded the harvest and packaging dates because i feel like it should’ve had a stronger aromas even for sungrown flower.
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