Strain Review: Tropicanna Cookies by Focus North Gardens

My reviews are unrelentingly positive. While I think this kind of positivity is almost purely a good thing, it does kinda water down my especially positive reviews. Sorta like when Jimmy Fallon is a “huge fan” of something.

I’m saying this as a disclaimer, because this is going to be an especially positive review.

I think Tropicanna Cookies may be my favorite strain right now, and the stuff @focusnorthgardens puts out is my favorite iteration. There is a certain smell and appearance I associate with Trop, and every batch of theirs I’ve had has improved on those qualities.

Lineage/Genetics: GSC x Tangie

Original Breeder: Oni Seed Co.

Grower: Focus North Gardens

Tropicanna Cookies Strain Review

The buds are a gorgeous frosty purple. Honestly, some of the prettiest weed I’ve had in ages. Dense, but not a rock, the cure on these nugs was perfect. They’re sticky, but not hard to work with. Kiefy, but not dry.

The nose is the most special part of this magnum opus from @oni_seed_co. Loud orange Kool-Aid with musky cream and sugar notes that I would drink if possible, maybe even apply rectally. There’s an underlying hashiness that really deepens the flavor and comes through on the inhale. I didn’t think anyone would top the aroma of the TKT from @resin_ranchers.pdx (review coming soon ish), but they did it.

Rarely will a functional high have me clearing out my fridge, but the munchies from this shit are intense for me. A functional, creative euphoria sets in and has me whipping up breakfast burritos like mad man.

This is one of @focusnorthgardens most popular strains, you can find it anywhere that has their stuff. I get mine at Oregrown, and suggest you do as well. They’re one of my favourites right now. Also, there’s a batch of TKT out right now, so get some before my review so we can talk about how great it is.
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