Strain Review: Cake Boss by Fire Cut LLC

@firecut_llc’s Cake Boss Strain

Lineage/Genetics: Boss OG x Wedding Cake

Original Breeder: Sincere

Grower: Fire Cut LLC

Cake Boss Strain Review

i enjoyed the fire og so much that i had to try something else of theirs. The cake boss held up well compared to the fire og but still the fire og takes the cake when it fomes to overall experience , i do t usially compare flower but i couldnt hepp it this time lol… These budletsbhad great quality very full and fresh, purple hues embed themselves under green leaves and yellow orange pistils giving this a nice dessertish appearance. The trichomes are sparkling and the aroma isnt subtle , you get strong notes of creamy vanilla hues and hints of pine and berry beat of all a great budget smoke.

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