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Strain Review: Paradise Waits by TruFlower

Paradise waits- Hybrid Lineage/Genetics: Scarlet Fire x Harlequin Original Breeder: Scarlet Fire Farms Grower: TruFlower Dispensary: Trulieve

Paradise Waits TruFlower Review

Thc: 21.9% Cbd: 0.0% Recommended time of use: I would recommend this strain at night, and ONLY at night! As soon as I finished smoking a hemp blunt of this stuff, I was out cold within 45 minutes, couldn’t even get my laundry out of the dryer. Head: This strains slows everything down, and makes you very space headed, I kept loosing track of my conversations, I haven’t been this medicated in a while!!! Amazing stuff @trulieve_fl Body: my body and eye lids got extremely heavy, I didn’t even feel like moving or doing anything. This is a total muscle relaxer, which put my spasms at easy rather quickly, I very much enjoyed this strain as it really helped me treat and manage my condition, which allowed me to get a good nights rest. Creativity/talkative: Even though I was talkative, I had no idea what the F I was saying xD,I was just talking nonsense and rambling on and on about things I don’t even remember. This strain completely slowed down my train of though allowing my head to get rests from my sleepless thoughts Hunger: Even though this strain is a hybrid strain, it did not give me the munchies, nor any cravings per say. So I would not recommend this strain for anyone who has eating disorders or is trying to gain some weight. . . . . . . Ignore hashtags 😅👎🏼 . . . . . . #restlesslegsyndrome #trulieve #truliever #truflower #sunshine #cannabis #sunshinecannabis #sunshinestate #medicalmarijuana #marijuana #mmj #florida #miami #miamibeach #miamiweed #review #weedreviews #indica #sativa #hybrid #cbd #cannabinoid #thc #flower #instaweed #pictureoftheday #picoftheday #photooftheday #frosty
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Check out more reviews by @shanchyrls on Instagram and the official www.shanchyrls.com website! (www.instagram.com/shanchyrls)

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