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Strain Review: Lemon OG Kush by TruFlower

Lemon Og Kush – Hybrid Lineage/Genetics: Lemon Skunk x The OG#18 Original Breeder: DNA Genetics Grower: TruFlower Dispensary: Trulieve

Lemon OG Kush TruFlower Review

Thc: 16.1% Recommended time of use: Any time of day is recommended for this strain as for me this is a perfectly balanced hybrid. You get your pain relieving qualities from your indica traits, and your happy uplifting thoughts from your sativa traits. Head: Its a very fast acting and very uplifting strain which will give you a huge grin from side to side. It will have you very giggly and wanting to socialize or get into an activity which will engage your mind. Body: This one has the perfect indica balance to not make you fall asleep and still allow you to be active without feeling heavy and sluggish as some hybrids make the consumer feel. Creativity/talkative: This is its shine, it will have you very talkative, and hope you are making sense because your creative juices will be flowing without any barriers, and can and will make for an interesting conversation. Hunger: Due to its indica traits, this strain did bring me a lot of hunger, but not that I am complaining anyway! as food taste really really good when someone is medicated! I can recommend this strain to someone who suffers from depression as well as any type of eating disorder where they need to put on some more weight. . . . . . . Ignore hashtags 😅👎🏼 . . . . . . #restlesslegsyndrome #trulieve #truliever #truflower #sunshine #cannabis #sunshinecannabis #sunshinestate #medicalmarijuana #marijuana #mmj #florida #miami #miamibeach #miamiweed #review #weedreviews #indica #sativa #hybrid #cbd #cannabinoid #thc #flower #instaweed #pictureoftheday #picoftheday #photooftheday #frosty
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Check out more reviews by @shanchyrls on Instagram and the official www.shanchyrls.com website! (www.instagram.com/shanchyrls)

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