Cultivar Review: La Vieja (Haze Cut) by Loyalty7_icmag

#lavieja @laviejahaze by @loyalty7_icmag

Lineage/Genetics  – probably CBH cut – NL5 x Afghan Haze

Original Breeder/Grower: Loyalty7_icmag

Terpene Profile: Unknown

La Vieja Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Last time I had @loyalty7_icmag was the PC3, Now I get to try his Haze Cut, La Vieja( Old Lady). The old lady took me back to The Blueprint – Stillmatic Days when I started smoking that haze from uptown wash heights/ Dyckman. The church ⛪️ aroma is on the flavors and scent . The taste has northern lights, Afghan heirloom, spicy earthy herbal savors. It’s the true essence of New York 🗽 flowers. It was cultivated with drip nutrients with organic amendments on top of coco. The high is the true highlight of this cultivar. It’s a heavy cerebral, medium body high . The high took me back to my teen years. It’s great for the wake n bake and great for the night as well. This haze is enjoyable due to to the superb smoking experience. It had a smooth inhale bitter haze on the exhale 😮‍💨.

The nugs that @burlandoelsystema10 bless me with, looked like it came straight from the branch of inflorescence. I love the appeal fall color leaves 🍁 pistils, a blend of broccoli 🥦 & celery color buds leaves, trichomes clustered kola. The high lasted about 2.5 hours and I felt it on my body for the whole day. The buzz starts around 5-7 pulls in. The ashes burn clean salt 🧂 and little peppery on the organic raw. That time I smoked it inside, I then smoked it outside with elements and burn dirty more salt than pepper. Overall is an amazing flower, illustrious appeal, scent, legendary palate, Nostalgic effects. I recommend this for all my Og smokers that looking for that reminisce old school euphoric high. I also recommend to the candy smokes to get a taste of the past. Shoutout to @loyalty7_icmag for the well cultivated cut of Haze. Shoutout to @burlandoelsystema10 for blessing me and @robbreefa for his recommendation that led to this review.

La vieja – 5/5
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