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Cultivar Review: Mike Tai by Jungle Boys

Mike Tai #mikethai by @jungleboys Lineage/Genetics – Mai Thai x Mike Larry ( Gelato 45 x Larry OG) Original Breeder: Jungle Boys Grower: Jungle Boys Terpene Profile: Unknown

Mike Tai Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

@tlc.jungleboys x @jungleboys to me are the innovators of the exotics era. Back 2017-2018, I seen many JB Bags all over NY. People have forgotten the infamous JB due to the bootlegging, but I still admire many of their memorable cultivars. Today I have the Mike Thai. MT consist of the legendary Mai Thai and JB’s own Mike Larry ( Larry Og x Gelato 25). The Mylar comes with a verification code to verify on their site to see the lab results and packaging date . The flowers is from September 22, still was smoking clean . The structure resembles Gelato features lavish collard green leaves, train seat orange color pistils, crystallize trichomes. The sweetness of the Gelato overpowers the palate with a woody herbal flavor of the Mai Thai . The scent is on the Mai Thai herbal aroma with the gelato sweetness. The smoking experience consist of smooth inhale and 😮‍💨. The ashes burn clean 70/30 more salt than pepper. The effects are medium level cerebral m, heady intense fan last 1hr. Overall 2 hr high, started feeling the buzz 3-4 pulls in. In conclusion, the appeal, scent, flavor & effects are all in ✅. Overall the Mike Thai is worth the try especially if in a mood of trying something different like merging the new and the old cultivars. Shoutout to @jungleboys for the consistency.. 4.5/5 . . . . . #weedreview #notforsale #cannabiscommunity #cannabisculture #highsociety #stonerlifestyle #stonersociety #weedsmokers #smokingweed #cannabislove #cannabisconnoisseurscoalition #cannabislifestyle #cannabisconnoisseurconnection #420culture #cannabisgrow #cannabiscures #cannabisreviews #weedreviews #letmeseewhatusmokin #cannabisconnoisseurgenetics #weedgram #cannabisconnoisseur👌 #cannabisindustry #weedsociety
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Check out more reviews by @lms1__186 on Instagram and Social Club! ( Also for the backup.
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Check out more reviews by @lms1__186 on Instagram and Social Club! ( Also for the backup. Social Club:

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