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Cultivar Review: Pineapple Wonder by Moon Made Farms

“…the unknown genetic called Pineapple Wonder,” is how Moon Made Farms’ Tina Gordon was introduced to this cultivar in 2017 and they’ve been producing this beauty ever since. In that time it’s been selected for multiple collaborations with prominent brands, including @williesreserveofficial @drewmartinco & @acosmicview so let’s break it down and see what the fuss is about, shall we?

Cultivar: Pineapple Wonder

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Cultivated by: Moon Made Farms @moonmadefarms

Certified Regenerative by: Sun and Earth, DEM Pure @sunandearthcert & @dragonflyearthmedicineofficial

Terpene Profile: Myrcene Dominant

Pineapple Wonder Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Appearance: These dense nugs are trimmed close and feature moderate trichome coverage and integrity. The maturity, cure and overall condition are all solid. Tactile quality is above average as well.

Aroma: This is likely to fill whatever space you’re in with syrupy sweet pineapple fumes when you open a jar. The intensity is impressive and it’s very candied at first. If you’ve ever had a pineapple lifesaver, that’s exactly what it’s like. There’s also a strong funk deep in there, very much like fermenting grape must. There are earth, spice and floral notes too.

Flavor: The dry hit is awesome and tasted like fresh fruit salad with grapes, melon, apples and bananas. The 💨 is incredibly smooth and flavor builds from the start. Pineapple, grape and apple mingle with cedar. From about halfway, joints will shift and bring toast and jam flavors to the party, with the jam being a flavor that lingers well after each hit.

Experience: We’ve found this to be very uplifting mentally and balanced physically. The mind is stimulated and able to focus as stress and anxiety slip away. The body is neutral and adaptable to whatever you want to do. This cultivar earned its highest marks for experience and we’re happy to report that both the primary and secondary effects are quite long lasting.

For educational purposes only, nothing for sale or trade

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