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Cultivar Review: Night Owl by Whitethorn Valley Farm

Uplifting effects and great flavor combine with a fascinating genetic history in this truly unique and enjoyable cultivar. Diving into the backstory of this one was just as fun as assessing it, but you’re here for details, so let’s get to it!

Cultivar: Night Owl

Lineage/Genetics: DJ Short’s Blueberry x Northern Nights x Trainwreck x Shiva Skunk x Afghani Hybrid

Bred by: Red Eyed Raven (Kyle Keegin)

Selected & Cultivated by: Whitethorn Valley Farm @whitethornvalleyfarm

Distribution by: Farm Cut Canna @farmcutcanna

Certified Regenerative: Sun and Earth @sunandearthcert

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Night Owl Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

night owl by whitethorn valley farm strain review by dank maven

Appearance: Maturity and cure are great here. As we’ve seen continuously with #farmcutcanna jars, the trichome coverage and integrity are incredible thanks to their minimalist approach to post-harvest processing.

Aroma: We found Night Owl to have solid complexity of aroma by registering Fuel/Earth/Fruit aromas. The fuel starts like a janitor’s closet when you open the jar. Furniture polish and other sharp solvent smells are accented by pine, dust, lemon and lime.

Flavor: The dry hit is the first indication that something Kool is about to happen. No that’s not a type-o, the dry hit is similar to a menthol cig with added notes of apricot, nectarine & pine. Flavor builds intensity as you 💨. It starts with cedar/pine inhales and sweet mint/citrus exhales. Midway it goes sweet gas for a minute, then shifts again for a completely different second half. The sweetness that starts early becomes increasingly intense with more of a fruit syrup character. Sweet exhales leave a minty taste behind.

Experience: As always, dosing is important. In this case, a conservative serving size usually delivers a very functional and elevated experience. Go big and it might punch your eyeballs before you finish 💨. Large joints lead to a stoney first hour followed by several hours of relaxation, social lubrication & creative motivation. It’s also ridiculously cheerful 💚

For educational purposes only, nothing for sale or trade

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