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Cultivar Review: Xeno by Terpmongers

Xeno (Z x Kush Mints) by @terpmongers ✨ Lineage/Genetics: Z x Kush Mints Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: Terpmongers Terpene Profile: Unknown

Terpmongers Xeno Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

xeno by terpmongers strain review by pnw_chronicXeno has striking bag appeal. The buds are medium-sized, dense, and rounded with a loud, neon green coloration. Forest green leafage and thick ginger pistils appear on the outer surface in smaller frequencies, while each bud is encased in an a mantle of glimmering trichomes. Some subtle spots of purple leafage can be seen trying to manifest, but this flower has a pristine green visual that’s glowing and gorgeous 🤩 The nose on Xeno is incredible. It has an electrifying candy forward with an effervescent, sparkling edge like a carbonated soda. The fragrance has discernible layers of lemon and lime providing a vibrant splash of refreshing fruitiness. Breaking the flower open releases an explosion of confectionary sugar, dough, and gas. It has a sharp, kushy undercurrent that melds perfectly with the candied side of the profile to create a sour funk thats reminiscent of yellow and green sour gummy worms 🍬 The taste on the Xeno is just as vivacious as the scent. It showers the palette in a sweet, sugary flavor with magnitudes of candy and dough. An overall ephemeral, sparkling freshness frames the entire profile, giving each hit a delectable, tactile mouth feel. The flavor has penetrating, but subtle, notes of fruity, sour citrus, as well as a creeping, burning kerosene flavor that grows more tangible and tart as it resinates. The flower maintains a candied quality all the way to the aftertaste, staining the lips and tongue with sugary sweetness ⛽️ The effect on Xeno is remarkable. It’s a beautifully balanced and satisfying high that hits the consumer with weighty head and body effects that are both functional and intoxicating. The flower is soft, somewhat sticky, and produces a small amount of large grained kief when ground. It burns smoothly and perfectly down to the last hit 😶‍🌫️ All in all, I absolutely loved smoking through the Xeno. It’s a perfect combination of its genetics that easily checks all of the boxes. The flower really excels with a palette-staining profile that encapsulates the best of both the Z and the Kush Mints in one package. Phenomenal work from Terpmongers 🔥 *not for sale, educational only*
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Check out more reviews by @pnw_chronic on Instagram! (

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