Dab Review: Devil Driver THCA Chips Rosin by Rare Air Solventless

Rare Air Solventless: Devil Driver THCA Chips

Lineage/Genetics: Devil Driver

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Unknown

Processor: Rare Air Solventless

Devil Driver THCA Chips Dab Review

devil driver thca chips by rare air solventless dab review by nc rosin reviews

We’re back with another FRESH banger from RAR! I need to get this review out so I can vac and store this stuff. I have such a little quantity that I was being really skimpy when dabbing. This is jar #2 of the fresh drop I got and this stuff was produced about 30 days ago. Supperrr fresh stuff 🍃 I’ve NEVER been disappointed with RAR and truly enjoy the experience everytime. Go check out their IG!

This is a first for me and I bet probably the last time I’ll ever get to try or have any THCA Chips. They were super limited to begin with and I’ve never seen anybody else with them for sale. <insert scientific paragraph about THCA> and so like I was saying it gets you really fucking high! These chips are specifically coming from Devil Driver genetics 😈 check out that review on my page ⬇️

The smell of this stuff is basically the same smell as the Rosin I have. There maybe a slight musty floral smell as well in there. The dab from this brings on an intense flavor burst of Devil Driver. That grape flavor comes through hard on this. Delicious! A little goes a long way here ⚠️ with this stuff and I’m gonna seal this exoticness up for the future.

Quality and consistency are key 🔑 and RAR always delivers. This stuff is, well, strong as fuck haha. Taste is a burst of DD flavors. I’m going to give this an 8.5 but only because it’s not a DD for me. Super good shit and very fun to have around to show friends.

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