Dab Review: Mac 1 EC Hash by Leaf Logic Concentrates

MAC 1 EC Hash

Lineage/Genetics: MAC (backcrossed)

Original Breeder: Capulator

Grower: Arbuckle Farms

Processor: Leaf Logic Concentrates

MAC 1 EC Hash Review

By @leaflogicconcentrates
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Back on the Hunt, and the anticipation of Summer is in the air. In lieu of this very big issue, I knew the Monthly Review simply must be a huge one. I couldn’t think of a more well known, reader/patient favorite product to pick than a certain super popular flower by some well known Oklahoma Cultivators. So, I took it farther and chose the Extractors Choice Live Hash Rosin made from this extraordinary flower that was washed by one of the biggest names in Oklahoma processing. Of course I’m referring to the prominently in demand MAC 1 flower grown by the one and only Arbuckle Farms and the MAC 1 Extractors Choice Live Hash Rosin processed by another fan favorite, the crew over at Leaf Logic Concentrates. This amazing pairing of the top of the top proves why these two big name brands have secured their seat at the big kids table. Both Arbuckle Farms and Leaf Logic gave The Chronic an exclusive look into the places where all the magic behind that stellar flower and unforgettable hash happens. Be sure to scan the code on the cover page of the review to meet these two wonderful teams and get your own exclusive look at the MAC 1 and MAC 1 EC Hash.

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