Edible Review: Cola Penis by Censored Edibles

Manufactured by CannMart Inc.
Packaged: July 7, 2022
THC per unit: 2.5mg, 10mg/package
Units per package: 4, 14g, 43 calories/0g fat/6g sugar/per package
If you’re looking for something fun and different in your edible, then stop right here.  The Cola Penis by Censored Edibles is not what you’d expect from the usual boring selection of edibles shaped as squares or spheres.  The brand does other flavours and shapes like boobs and bums.  Not sure if they’ve done a vulva yet but if they haven’t then that’s probably what they should be doing to round out the collection.
They were 2.5mg a piece so I ate the whole pack and didn’t feel a buzz from them (I’m usually 10-20mg before I feel the effects depending a few different factors). I understand that they used a distillate for these and the distillate high just isn’t as robust in comparison to a full spectrum infusion, in my experience. But it’s nice to eat 4 little penis gummies than buy one single 10mg gummy.  It’s psychological I know but it feels like I’m getting more for my hard earned money.
The cola flavour was satisfying, like the classic bottle-shaped cola gummies.  They did have the distillate aftertaste on the end that reminded you that they were infused but if you can overlook that, then you can enjoy eating some penis.  Even better you could be watching a friend eat a penis because they make a fun gift.  If you’re going to bring dispensary purchased edibles to a friend, you might as well have pick up something that’ll get a giggle and some conversation.  I would buy again.
Rating: 6/10
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