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Edible Review: Glenn’s Ice Cream

I recently tried Glenn’s Ice Cream solventless infused gummies.  I love gummies, though I don’t like the potency limits on infused gummies in Canada.  That doesn’t stop me from buying them though because I love to compare products on the legal market, knowing that one day, the overseers will relent and allow makers to include more gummies per package.
I picked up Glenn’s Ice Cream in a well-stocked dispensary in Saskatoon after taking my time to peruse the options.  What stood out about Glenn’s Ice Cream was the indication that they used 100% solventless, strain specific rosin in this edible. The details on the back of the package informed me that they used Wedding Cake x Fruity Pebbles OG and that the top 3 dominant terpenes were caryophyllene, limonene and farnesene.  Total cannabinoids 81.6%, total terpenese 6.95%.
That’s a healthy amount of information on the package that I don’t often see on other products.  My only thought on this is that, in the process of making edibles it is almost impossible to retain those precious terps. This makes these statements more about marketing than an actual feature of eating this edible.  Even though the terpene claims are questionable as it pertains to the terpene driven effects, a full spectrum edible is going to offer a better experience than the commonly used distillate found in most other available options.
This pack had multiple flavours in the bag which was nice.  The texture of each gummy was fresh, soft, chewy and colourful, with a light, tart sugar dusting.  The taste of each was great though you could definitely notice the rosin flavour, which is still better than a distillate aftertaste any day.
These would be a great option for new users who have yet to figure out their tolerance (each gummy was 2.5mg) or those who are sensitive to ingested cannabis.
Rating: 7/10
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