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Edible Review: Transcend Labs Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the Full Spectrum CBD gummies made by Transcend Labs. Transcend Labs has founders that are opinionated – which I like. Transcend Labs only offers the three types of CBD products because reports show that those are the most effective hands down. These three CBD products are CBD gummies, CBD topicals, and CBD tinctures. Today, we’ll be looking at their CBD Gummies. Brand: Transcend Labs

Transcend Labs CBD Gummies Review

These CBD infused gummies by Transcend Labs are not a joke. While most CBD gummies come with 10mg per gummy, Transcend Labs packs a whole 25mg of their full spectrum CBD in each gummy. The gummy itself does contain corn syrup as well as real sugar flavoring to provide sweetness. Tastewise, I consider these CBD gummies closer to a Haribo gummy bear than a Black Forest gummy bear. It took a little longer than an hour for the gummy to fully kick in, but that was actually really fast considering I had a hearty meal beforehand. The one gummy was absolutely more than enough for my entire day and I felt that it was helping me sleep later on, too. Some people might doubt that an edible could last that long but just think about it… an edible stays in your system and continues being absorbed up until the moment it leaves your system. Of course, I’m not talking about any psychoactive feeling – rather a feeling of relaxation and nonchalant that pervaded physically and mentally. I took only one and I can’t imagine what two would have been like, and I like how the usage instructions actually mention to only take one and only take more if instructed to by a medical professional. I’ve always felt that you can gauge a CBD brand’s intentions by the strength of their products. Users that want 35mg of CBD per gummy instead of 10mg per gummy know what they want from their CBD – and Transcend Labs gives it to them. Make your wellness routine a bit more flavorful with our fast-acting CBD infused Gummies!
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