Edible Review: CBD Essence Full Spectrum Hemp Pills

Today I’m trying the CBD Essence Full Spectrum Hemp Pills. CBD Essence has been an essential player in the CBD industry since 2014. They are champions of small batch CBD and famously say on their website:
“We won’t make it until you buy it! Our “small batch” approach to CBD manufacturing not only ensures the quality and the consistency of our CBD oil, but it also makes sure that what you receive is the freshest and the most potent and absorbable CBD oil available on the market today.”
That means that hemp flowers are extracted using a CO2 extraction process that preserves all the phyto-cannabinoids – including terpenes and essential oils that are essential to the entourage effect. Brand: CBD Essence

CBD Essence Full Spectrum Hemp Pills Review

These CBD Essence hemp pills come in a pill bottle that contains 10 capsules with 35mg of CBD each. What makes these hemp filled capsules special is that it is presented with CBD Essence’s Highly Absorptive Liposome Formula. In essence, Liposomal CBD is easier for the body to absorb and even potentially stronger than regular full spectrum hemp extract by itself. I took one pill in the morning and I’ll note that 35mg of non-liposomal CBD is on the high end for me in one go (not for one day, though). I wouldn’t say I was floored, the way that THC might affect me, but I was pleasantly washed away by a steady tide which washed me into a pleasant mood where I’d just go with the flow of the ocean. I didn’t feel the need to re-up on CBD for the rest of the day. I bet if I had taken the pill before sleeping instead of after waking, it’d do wonders for my sleep. I’ll absolutely be keeping it around for that purpose in case I run into any restless nights. These hemp pills are guaranteed to be non-psychoactive and are made from USA grown hemp. CBD Essence has been perfecting their CBD extraction process for half a decade now, and the wide range of products that they offer is a sign that they’ve found the best ways to present these products to the public, as well. Hell, CBD Essence even has a CBD e-juice. Try CBD Essence’s hemp pills today. Check Out Medicinal Hemp Oil Capsules from CBD Essence Now!
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