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Edible Review: CBD Essence Hemp Taffy Review

Today I’m going to share my thoughts on Hemp Taffy which is available at CBD Essence. The folks at CBD Essence have done it again with their line of delicious hemp taffies. These hemp taffies are made with all natural goodness and the hemp flowers that go into it are non-gmo and pesticide free. Brand: CBD Essence

CBD Essence Chocolate Peppermint Hemp Taffy Review

The taffy itself doesn’t contain any high fructose corn syrup, which is something that makes a huge taste difference as anyone that enjoys Mexican coke can tell you. I’d be fine with that, but CBD Essence goes a step further and keeps all artificial colors and flavoring syrups away from their taffy. Therefore, when I say the Chocolate Peppermint hemp taffy tastes like an Andes mint adopted the mouth feel of a Tootsie Roll, I’m not kidding. I actually don’t mind that the dosage is so small because that means I can chew through more CBD candy. I ate a whole one to get a standard 10mg dose of full spectrum CBD, and within an hour I was sure I was feeling it.

CBD Essence Mint Hemp Taffy Review

Flavorwise, the Mint hemp taffy actually tastes like the Chocolate Peppermint with all of the chocolate removed. While that may sound obvious, what that means is that this is the first chewable mint flavored candy that I’ve ever eaten and enjoyed. You know how when you eat a good snack, in about an hour you’re usually wishing you had a second one? Instead of that feeling, an hour after eating CBD Essence’s CBD chews, you’ll start feeling CBD instead. At well over an inch in length, these taffies are bigger and better tasting than Cheeba Chews – but with a noticeably different effect. I’ll be straight up, my favorite thing about these hemp taffies is actually their size. It’s the perfect size to split in half for you to eat Reese’s style (some for now some for later) or to split up between two (if 5mg of CBD is good enough for you). Taste-wise, you can’t taste the hemp at all which is a huge plus in cannabis infused edibles. Here’s a note. I talked about chewing this stuff up and that’s one way to eat it. The packaging actually advises sucking on it in your mouth until it is dissolved. They also suggest 2-3 dosages per day. Whatever your CBD edible needs are, CBD Essence has you covered. Shop CBD Edibles from CBD Essence Today!
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