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Tincture Review: Sol CBD Hibiscus Cell8g CBD Pure Hemp Extract Review

Today I”ll be looking at Sol CBD’s Cell8g hemp extract CBD tincture. Sol CBD is provided by Halcyon Botanicals based out of Las Vegas, NV. Shout out to a non casino business in Las Vegas keeping the real city that never sleeps alive. Brand: Sol CBD

Sol CBD HibiscusCellg8 Pure Hemp Extract Review

Props to Sol for using a UV resistant glass aka “black glass.” This keeps UV lights out of your CBD oil tincture and keeps it stronger for longer. The black glass is quickly becoming standard in the CBD tincture industry so it’s nothing to really write home about. Similarly, the Hibiscus flavor is pretty unique, tastes pretty good, and smells even better.

What is Liposomal CBD?

What is something to write home about, though, is the Cellg8 Liposomal CBD that Sol CBD provides. Basically, it is supposed to give you faster absorption and be stronger. How much stronger is Cellg8 Liposomal CBD than regular CBD? SolCBD says 5mg of Cellg8 CBD is as strong as 50-75mg of other products. Whether that “other products” is full spectrum, broad spectrum, or CBD isolate isn’t specifically called out and that’s something I’m going to try to suss out. I suspect it’ll feel somewhere between full and broad. I took a quarter of a dropper, which should have put me around 30mg CBD worth when compared with “other products” – of which I’ve tried dozens – and mixed it into water as advised by Sol CBD. They’re so confident in their Cellg8 CBD that they’re instructing people not to take it sublingually. I know that eating tincture is just as effective, just on a different timeline so I was down for it. For me, I always feel like my mind is playing tricks on me. I do think that this gives faster absorption than regular CBD tincture and even faster than MCT and actually more akin to smoking a creeper strain of hemp flower than anything else I’ve felt before. I like new delivery methods and this is the most novel thing I’ve tried in the drinkables space since my first drinkable. The fact that Sol CBD has been able to put a near-flower combustion effect into a bottle and serve it out of the end of a dropper is pretty amazing to me. It was as strong as my regular dose which is around 20mg. Not quite 30 or so but definitely the most powerful quarter dropper I’ve had in awhile. If you like sun grown, and you care about being able to say your CBD brand’s name in one syllable instead of a multisyllabic rap hit of a name. Check out Sol CBD today! 48 HR Sale! 25% OFF Our Liposomal Formula With Promo Code LIPOFLASH At Checkout!
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