Glass Review: Hammer by Smug Overdose

Probably my favorite #glasspipes at the moment: The Smug Overdose Hammer.

Artist: Smug Overdose

Shop: Aleycat Glass

Smug Overdose Hammer Review

This #hammer from @aleycatglass is for a skilled single bowl #toker I can #rip a whole #bowl in one #hit with this #pipe it’s a lot of fun to smoke out of, this is NOT the piece u bring around ur friends cause the bowl is meant for single use. It’s a #ripper if you like this glass or any I have please check out my man @smug.overdose for the heady glass connections and below wholesale rates!!! .
#dieseldino #diesel #dino #glassofig #headyglass #functionalart #420 #710 #cannabis #art

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Check out more reviews by @diesel.dino on Instagram! (

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Check out more reviews by @diesel.dino on Instagram! (

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