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Grinder Review: Kannastor GR8TR v2 by RYOT

Checked out the Kannastor GR8TR v2 and just from looking at the box I could tell it was going to be different. Brand: RYOT RYOT Coupon code: THEHIGHESTCRITIC10

RYOT Kannastor GR8TR v2 Grinder Review

The elongated shape of the box extends to the elongated shape of the whole grinder, and it isn’t even shipped fully assembled. The GR8TR v2 refers to the top part of the grinder and I don’t have gR8TR v1 to compare to but I do have the grinder teeth designs of the early 2000s embedded in my mind. So many broken teeth, cleaning sessions, and grinders lost during break ins or parties and those things were just too long. The GR8TR is closer to a mill but not quite, as even with the ‘fine’ instead of the ‘medium’ there is be properly ground flower that does not make it through by gravity alone. This leads to faster gunking up and requires more frequent cleaning. Remember to not use metal to clean. The modularity of the design is commendable. I’m able to take out the pieces I’m not using and save some weight if I carry this around. Pros:
  • Glass holding area for ground flower – novel, can’t really see anything in there besides color.
  • Came with a bag
  • Deep chamber can store lots of ground flower
  • The size is a little unwieldy at first and takes getting used to.
  • Not the best size for my pocket
  • Bag gets lost

Kannastor GR8TR 2.0 Conclusion?

Good for at home or looking fancy at a rolling bar. Some tips: I highly suggest taking the cool circular ad pamphlet and putting it in the top compartment, not the kief compartment. Do continue to keep that guitar/kief pick down there where it belongs, though as it was a welcome surprise. Often times, new grinder buyers like to jump right into using it, and having that pamphlet down there would not be a welcome surprise. The bag is great for holding the pieces you aren’t using. Modularity is key, so if you are consolidating from multiple grinders to one, maybe consider this one. Interested? Buy the Kannastor GR8TR v2 now with RYOT coupon code THEHIGHESTCRTIC10.
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