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Hash Hole Review: Cow Tails Hash hole by Mad Cow NJ

Cow Tails Hash Hole from Madcow’s Delivery Service. @madcow.nj Brand: Mad Cow NJ

Cow Tails Hash Hole Review

cow tails hash hole by mad cow nj hash hole review by njmmjguy 2 This one was made with: – 0.3g Upside Down Frown #6 (Rosin by 710 Labs) – 1.3g Taste the Rainbow (Flower by Frosé x 325 Pharms) To start, this was a great pre-roll. Tasted amazing. Perfect pulls all the way through. Fat ass tip with no harshness at all. Just smooth big fat hits. I didn’t ash till it fell off at about 90% through, afternoon the rosin. I wanted to checkout the hash hole but you can’t put ash back..🤷🏼‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Next one I will. I was pretty positive it was in there though.💯 You could taste a slight difference when it started and after, but the combo with the flower is on point.👌Might have to checkout their El Jefe’s. This was a great pre roll. Like artisan good. Not some shit that won’t sell thrown together with concentrate. Lot of care put in. Just like I would if I was rolling up something special for a special occasion. (Only a lot nicer…It smoke doh😂) Got 1 more and now I’m even more excited to smoke it. #cowtales #hasholes #hashholes #njweed #njents #710labs
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