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Hash Review: Fuel Pops Rosin by Ogre Farms

Fuel Pops @ogrefarms Lineage/Genetics: Unknown Original Breeder: Unknown Single Source: Ogre Farms Terpene Profile: Unknown

Ogre Farms Fuel Pops Rosin Review

fuel pops rosin by ogre farms hash review by cali_bud_reviews Fresh out the fridge, it starts off with a golden tan amber coloring, with a pinch of magenta under the gold creating a unique dark-bronze-beige. It’s extremely thick, with bulky brain-like chunks piled high to form a cold cure mountain. The whip&press brings it to a light golden yellow patty with white tan surface streaks, & brings out a full juiciness to the doughy-puddy goopy mass, but still has that bouncy rubbery surface stretch to the thick stable doughy mass. The aroma is intriguing with a bold profile, that has unique intensity & is excessively gassy from a volatile skunky vinegar-onion, dill, & dill pickle twist to a classic earthy kush & diesel fuel. A heavy backing of blueberry sweetness & ‘Razz’-berry slushie terps emerge from the sharp gassy dill pickle vinegar kushy pungency. A pinch of earthy herbals, light florals, & a doughy funk sit underneath the heavy kush terps. That aroma was loud, & pungent, somewhat off putting at first but that vulgar gas became a craving before long, calling me back for repeat dabs. The Vapor flavor was nice, with blue razz slushie terps on the mouth, mixing with the vulgar sour sharp dill pickle vinegar gas and lemon jet fuel that dominanted the inhale, with a sweet gassy but herbal spicey exhale that had a partial orange sherbet citrus towards the cash out. Lemon, pine, kush, diesel & sour dill pickle form together for complex gassy after-taste that lingers. The vapor is pressurized with expando lung. The effects hit really hard, with intense focus, alertness, & energy on the onset, It does have a nice background Stoney bake to it, but the jet fuel buzz hits the chest & mental hard the first 30 min. After that the heavy kush effects take over, for a nice restful buzz with immense face and chest pressure that feels great when you lay down, and offers some light hallucinogenic properties as the headband pressure eventually puts me to sleep. I really appreciate the craft ogre puts into their jars, they definitely know what they are doing and make one hell of 70-179u (w 1-4) cold cure. Overall: 91/100 Die hard diesel fans will love this. fuel pops rosin by ogre farms hash review by cali_bud_reviews 2 NFSOT! 21+ MMJP ONLY! #calibudreviews #ogreresins
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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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