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Hash Review: Moonpants Cold Cure Rosin by I Love Kush

Moonpants @ilovekushhh @sddankexclusive16 Lineage/Genetics: Unknown Original Breeder: Unknown Single Source: I Love Kush Terpene Profile: Unknown

Moonpants Cold Cure Rosin Review

moon pants cold cure rosin by i love kush hash review by cali_bud_reviews The Jar opens to show a wet, goopy, semi-saucy cold cure badder that’s also thick, creamy, & mostly stable. The rosin has a creamy white base, w/ amber & tan undertones that develops a greasy, wet, goopy cake batter consistency after a quick mash- which settles into a thick saucy goop that stays wet until the final dab. These funky moonbow diesel fuel terps, w/ its one of kind rubbery spandex pine-tar profile & its super gassy kush profile that’s wrapped together by pungent candy citruses really make this one of the most unique, complex, & delicious profiles I’ve ever experienced in hash. The Vapor emphasized the gassy dill pickled classic kush terps more than expected w/ the earthy musk, fruity blueberry, & lavender florals leading the kush, pine-tar, pungent burnt rubber spandex fuel, & the sugary lime-salt citrus candy terps to dominate the inhale w/ the most intense lung expansion. The exhale was gassy, bold & funky w/ the moonbows doughy southern chem diesel profile wrapping it all together w/ a candy citrus backing. It’s smooth while also having one of kind gassy lung pressure. At 490* 3dxl, the sessions have thick clouds for 1:40+ w/ an impeccably clean melt that cashes out as a clean golden-brown syrupy residue. The effects hit w/ major onset intensity & a powerful potency rush that’s hard to handle as an exhilarating energy rushes to the head & chest, accompanied by a powerfully relaxing euphoric intoxication (toasty stoneage) that promotes R&R in the body. As time progress the relaxation doubles, while the initial intensity slowly but surely simmers down. The buzz lasts for a total of 3hours, w/ exceptional strength throughout. AROMA PROFILE 9.8/10 OVERTONES: Shoe rubber, stretchy spandex, pine-tar, fruity blueberry, florals, classic lemon/pine kush, & grapefruit candy citrus BASE: funky nutty almond doughy diesel, earthy soily musk, southern bourbon chem diesel fuel UNDERTONES: blackberry/grape jam, sugary lime-salt pungency, dill pickle/vinegar gasoline, sour whiskey, tangy orange/sweetNSour sauce Overall: 9.7/10 moon pants cold cure rosin by i love kush hash review by cali_bud_reviews 2.jpg Reviews 21+ only! #calibudreviews #ilovekushhh #thehighestcriticpages
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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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