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Hash Review: Zkittlez Rosin by WCA x Mendoja Farms

Zkittlez @wheezy__tee Grown by @mendojafarms Processed by West Coast Alchemy Jar via @macknterpz

West Coast Alchemy Zkittlez Review

zkittlez rosin by wca x mendoja farms hash review by cali_bud_reviews This jar opens up to a fresh ‘egg yolk’ rosin of pure gold, with swirls of honey, white, & tan with a yellow- orange hue that glows from underneath. The rosin is thick, creamy, & is pretty saucy with a terp layer that slowly seperates from the central mass when warmed, has a cake-batter like whip, and settles into a super saucy goopy budder. The terps are synonymous with other Mendoja skittles collabs I’ve had- but this jar was especially loud with nose volume, emphasizing the sugary citrusy pungent fuel. The nose terps stain the nostrils with pure (& intense) grapefruit & zesty lime salt, the sweet & sour honey terps sits right behind it that trail off into the orange-citrus sherby cream. The florals, lavenders, and light grape-berry freezer burn pine terps are the deep undertone but without the doughiness- it instead pushes out a ton of gassy-skunky kush terps that create an impressive permeating gas layer that can stink up any room but will attract you with its sugary sweet fuel. The vapor is excellent, it’s clean, full of flavor, and intense with lung pressure, the sugary grapefruit & zesty lime salt candy punch & stain the nostrils as well as the mouth for a chronic aftertaste in both. The sweet n sour honey and lavenders coat the initial mouth while The gassy kush & pungent pine-freezer burn & creamy floral fuel dominate the inhale, the exhale is pungent citrus fuel with a full rainbow of terps. The effects are intense with potent onset & chronic effects that can translate to a powerful rush but the heaviness behind it is undeniable, leading to a full euphoric stoneage for 4 hours that leads to a great night sleep. Overall: 9.59/10 Other Zs I’ve had tend to look more enticing, but this one crushed it in all performance related categories- all around this Z is loud, flavorful with Pungent Candy, explosive with lung expansion, & hard hitting with long term effects. One of the better performing Z jars I’ve had. zkittlez rosin by wca x mendoja farms hash review by cali_bud_reviews NFSOT! Reviews for 21+ medical MJ patients ONLY! #calibudreviews #thehighestcriticpages #westcoastalchemy #zkittlez #hashreview #710photography
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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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