Pre-roll Review: Jealousy Preroll by Flightpath


Lineage/Genetics: Gelato #41 x Sherb Bx1

Original Breeder: Seed Junky Genetics

Grower: Flightpath @flightpathco @flightpathofficial

This is the last of the preroll reviews, and I want to THANK flightpath for all of their blessings, and for making great contributions to this cannabis community. Flightpath is going hard out the gate!

Preroll Appeal: 98/100
Both prerolls were packed proper, with perfect grind, perfect pack, I still decided to empty one for better smells, & I notice the aftergrind is SUPER CLEAN! No stems, seedcasings etc. lots of purps, with greens, visible sandy keify trichomes coat the shake. I repacked it extra tight, and noticed there roll was still better, so smoked the original packed one for the review.

Aroma- 93 /100
Cookie terps, very doughy, with vanilla, and MINT. Floral scents, sweet, but dank. Gassy with pines and lemons.. berry terps, fruity sherbet terps, that flow in a creamy gelato fashion, skunky. & Burnt. Dough Cookie / sweet gelato / Dank. As an herbal cheesiness to the cream.

Dry pull: 94/100
Cookie dough, lemon cleaner, pine, sweet floral candy, vanilla. Sour dankness, berry- sherbet. Pine. Gas, Ice cream. Skunk, burnt gelato. Cheese smell converts to Acidic citrus taste?

Burn: 96/100
FP owns the clean burn. Always pure white, little grey, fluffy pure clean ash, clear wet resin layer, with a HUGE motor oil resin ring. Little uneven at first but fixed itself.

Taste: 93/100
Musky earthy herbal spice that blends in the cookie flavors.. then it has lemon & pine gas, sweet floral kush with a side of ice cream skunky gelato. Very sweet, but gassy and creamy as well. More herbal than floral in taste.

Effect & potency: 95/100 93/100
1/3 the cone to get ripped, finishing the cone was a 2.5 hour buzz. Mostly body high, with a decent mental stone-age to go with it. Great meds again, eliminating ailments. Mind has euphoric creativity behind the heavy buzz. Couchlocked, heavy relaxed, and eventually sleepy/hungry.

Overall: 95.5/100
Perfect pack, perfect quality flower inside, Great burn, great aroma taste and effects. All around greatness

Nothing is ever for sale!

Shout-outs to everyone putting in work for our community!

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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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