Preroll Review: Strawberry Cough Lil’ Limes by Lime Cannabis co

Brand: Lime

Strawberry Cough Lil’ Limes Review

Strawberry Cough Lil Lime are not necessarily my thing. My personal preference would be to break up some whole flower to roll myself and infuse myself with concentrates I enjoy – but when you’re on the go or with a group of people that wants to roll up, whipping out a pack of Limes is a great way to speed up the time honored process of getting high.

Unlike some other infused and kief packed prerolls, the kief goes all the way to the crutch. The hits will be powerful all the way to when you call it quotes. And if you’re a smoke it all the way down to the ash y’all kind of person, it’ll be a little hotter than you’re used to.

I personally wasn’t a big fan of the added fake strawberry terps – but I could see the flavored papes, vapes, and wrap crowd enjoying these. Also I can see how it adds to the air of incognito-ness to the second hand smoke. Personally, though, it makes me gag.

Dog walkers some call em. But since it lasted 5 minutes I feel bad for those dogs. They have a good innie end that helps an even light.

Whatever fake terps are being added needs to stop.

The smell is unnaturally strawberry and the taste is all cough. Honestly the taste is like I am a child again and I was forced to wash my mouth out with soap because I said too many bad words.

I was high – so the infusion is furreal, though. I’d only recommend these to someone who smokes cigs (not American spirits) and doesn’t ever want to learn how to roll. Oh and also has a miniature dog.

Definitely a big fan of the size and convenience. Not a fan of the taste.

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  • Founder of The Highest Critic
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  • Certified Ganjier
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