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Strain Review: Blackberry by Nirvana Seeds

Some dense nugs of this BlackBerry strain. Lineage/Genetics: Black Domina x Raspberry Cough Original Breeder: Nirvana Seeds Indica or Sativa: Sativa dominant hybrid

Blackberry Strain Review

Definitely a day smoke. Would say not my usual vibe as very sativa like. Still a hybrid so there’s some indica genetics in there which help my daily pain. It’s a very light in the throat smoke , easy to get big hits, with more of a cerebral high, and not too clouded like some strains. Luckily it is a more focused high just allowing me to get on with paintings/work which has helped. Very uniform in presentation, cured well and got the fruit taste on each exhale. Would happily smoke again especially if I had a busy day planned, just switch to a heavy indica in the evening. What you smoking on during this quarantine? 💚🙌 #blackberrystrain #strain #straintaster #strainhunter #genetics #hybrid #indica #blackberrystrain #sativa #nug #bud #medicalcannabis #medical #medicinal #smoker #stoner #painrelief #chronicpain #relieve #naturaul
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Check out more reviews by @ninthtimelucky on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/ninthtimelucky)

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