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Strain Review: Strawberry Stardawg by Holy Smoke Seeds

Heres some of a friends batch of Strawberry Stardawg from @holysmokeseeds. Lineage/Genetics: Strawberry Diesel x Stardawg Hashplant (White Guava) Original Breeder: Holy Smoke Seeds Indica or Sativa: Sativa dominant hybrid

Strawberry Stardawg Strain Review

This batch has big dense nugs that give off a very strong sweet aroma (not one for carrying about since she stinksss), sweet tasting and super gassy. Almost like a strawberry refresher: sweet at the start but then she mellows to more of a strawberry milkshake taste on the exhale with then a long lasting taste after. We have compared her more to strawberry/rhubarb and cream sweets because of the aftertaste. Gives a head hit and full body relaxation high so great for my pain, a pleasure to smoke until the last puff and can’t wait for her again. 🙌🔥 #strainhunter #strainchaser #strains #nugs #nugphotography #strawberrystardawg #strawberry #stardawg #strawberrystardawg #painrelief #chronicpainrelief #chronicillness #trichomes #thc
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Check out more reviews by @ninthtimelucky on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/ninthtimelucky)

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Check out more reviews by @ninthtimelucky on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/ninthtimelucky)

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