Strain Review: Bruce Banner #4 from Green Spirit

Hey #trippiedolls & #trippiegents:
I while ago i was asked which flower was helping me with my rapid mood changed and must rapid weight loss! So here we go, right here we have “BRUCE BANNER #4”.

Lineage/Genetics: OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel

Original Breeder: Dark Horse Genetics

Dispensary: Green Spirit

Bruce Banner #4 Strain Review

bruce banner #4 from green spirit strain review by trippietropicalThis flower right here has help we so much for my phisical and mental health. Named after the famous #marvelcomics scientist who turns into a green beast. This highly sativa dominant strain gives you an instant euphoric celebral sensation, activating your creativiting and boosting that mood like no other strain. Finding THCv and CBG on this flower has made me hit jackpot to work on both parts of my health.
This in combination of excersice and a well balanced diet; has improved my anxiety, my weight gain problems and my overall health.
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