Edible Review: Chocotella Brownie by 1919 Clinic

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Processor: 1919 Clinic

Dispensary: Nirvana Health Clinic

1919 Clinic Chocotella Brownie Review

chocotella brownie by 1919 clinic edible review by trippietropicalSo the other day went visiting @nirvanahealthclinicpr and found this edible from @1919clinic ! It’s the chocotella brownie. This edible containing around 50mg divided on two brownies of thc,cbd, cbn and cbc, it definitely gave me a good effect on the body. Took first brownie.and around 45 minutes in i staring the effects i took the other one. Total relaxation in mind and body. Since my tolerance is quite high 50mg just keeps me relaxed but if your tolerance is quite lower it definitely can give you a good night sleep. Taste wise? More on the chocolate tasting that the hazelnut part, a bit too dry for my taste.
Have you tried 1919 edibles? What are your thoughts on it? Comment bellow

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