Strain Review: Blue Pomegranate Gelato by Marathon Cultivation

🌀🍧 Blue Pomegranate Gelato : (Strains Undisclosed)
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Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: unknown

Grower: Marathon Cultivation

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Blue Pomegranate Gelato Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Shoutout my guy @high.ly_recommended for another chance at reviewing some fire . He does some dope YouTube videos if you haven’t tuned in already 💯 Wish I got a video of the bud tho , but I can only describe it for now. Super dense nugs straight out the bag, got a super dense blue cookie/ gelato-ish look. Wonder what the crosses are to get this one, definitely a dope mixup ! Anything blue is for sure gonna knock you down 🌀💨 You get this nice heavy tainted gelato nose but its really just this sweet heavy gas over that sweet nose that it wants to have!
Broke up nice and thick, super heavy bat by the end of the roll. The nose only got more sweeter with the gelato spikes hittin just right . It’s not a normal gelato you can just tell that it’s messing with the nose for sure 😤 sparking it up, it’s an instant light up to white ashes, first initial hits got this super heavy inhale, wasn’t long till I bursted a lung 😂 taste is hard to grasp when you’re coughing and coughing 😭😭 it’s a sweet gas for sure tho, definitely different . High is just as heavy as everything else . Straight put down 💤 nothin but power 😤

blue pomegranate gelato by marathon cultivation strain review by thecannaisseurking


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Sac 📍, H.R. 💍 , Collector 👽, Reviewer 💯
Exotic Ashtray ♨️
Tried to go back but this sh*ts too tasty 🍬

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Sac 📍, H.R. 💍 , Collector 👽, Reviewer 💯 Exotic Ashtray ♨️ Tried to go back but this sh*ts too tasty 🍬

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