Strain Review: Orange Barsicle by Broke Boyz

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Brand: GotBars x XoticFlavors x Terpenstein

Strain: Orange Barsicle

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Broke Boyz

Dispensary: Lemonnade Sacramento

Orange Barsicle Strain Review

orange barsicle by broke boyz strain review by trunorcal420 219.97%THC

Comments: Usually tough to find his stuff, but glad @lemonnadesacramento scooped some! Stoked to try this flavor & check the new accounts because IG be doin dirt. 😤


1. Scent: Popped off the vine orange and a bit of a tangy tangerine like scent. On breakdown you feel more zest as well as hints of sweet cream. Like a orange soda vanilla ice cream float. 🤣

2. Appearance: Golden covered in trichomes and hairs. Looks really terp filled for sure.

3. Nug Structure: B/C sized nugs, breaks down easy for sure. I skipped the grinder and was glad to see the bud stick together nicely. Not dry.

orange barsicle by broke boyz strain review by trunorcal4204. Smoke: White ash on both the bubbler and joint. Smooth sailing and clean more so off the J.

5. Taste: So much orange! Kinda classic tbh, but oranges plus some cool cream was the best way to express it.

6. Reaction: Bong loads first and the misses wasn’t a fan. Smoked a J and she had no issues. 🤷‍♀️ For me, repeat bowls and then the doobie was just right.

7. Conclusion: Heady type of Sativa. Unique flavor for sure and def orange flavor fans should try. I personally liked it but would skip for another flavor of his cuz of the lady. 🙏🏻✅

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