Strain Review: Blueberry G by Sweetwater Pharms

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Brand: Sweetwater Pharms

Strain: Blueberry G

24.86 %THC

Lineage/Genetics: Blueberry Muffin x GDP x Cherry Pie

Original Breeder: Sweetwater Pharms

Grower: Sweetwater Pharms

Blueberry G Strain Review

blueberry g by sweetwater pharms strain review by trunorcal420Comments: A new flavor from probably one of my top farms of 2020! Let’s take a deep dive into what this cut has to offer. (Throwback post forgot to upload this summer)


1. Scent: Blueberry Tootsie Roll POP. Like straight up smells just like it. Candy blueberry with a chocolate back. One of those memorized scents that you will never forget.

2. Appearance: Frostbit trichomes coat the nugs with good amount of hairs. Good size B nugs.

3. Nug Structure: A little dry but a little rehydration would set this apart. Falls off nicely but another week or two and it would likely go dusty.

blueberry g by sweetwater pharms strain review by trunorcal420 34. Smoke: Tastes really good but the misses found it dry/harsh. I got a piece of tortilla to rehydrate the bud and it tasted a lot better. Usually do orange squares but didn’t have any on hand. Lol!

5. Taste: Chocolate for sure and that blueberry/grape tone on exhale. Fantastic vibes off this using the bub.

6. Reaction: Stoned. Heavy eyed in 2-3 mins, body high taking place about 10 mins in and leaves you in a heap on the couch. Def could not pull myself to do jack shit after smoking it. Lulz.

7. Conclusion: Higher THC than some of their other cuts, the flavor was absolutely amazing but the dryness was a bummer till we rehydrated. Been over a week since pick up and this was packaged up 7/30/2020, so it’s prob seen a lot of air time.

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