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Dab Review: Harlequin Live Sap by Cresco Cannabis

Harlequin Live Sap from @crescocannabis Lineage/Genetics: Nepali Indica x Thai landrace (Thai sativa) x Swiss landrace x Colombian Gold Original Breeder: NorStar Genetics Grower: Cresco Processor: Cresco Labs Terpene Profile: Unknown

Cresco Harlequin Live Sap Review

Actual product weight: Too sappy to remove and weigh Consistency: Typical sappy CBD consistency, but you can pull and snap if you do it quickly Nose: very very mild earthy pine but not strong or overwhelming at all Taste: The taste is what youd expect from a very CBD heavy strain, it has a somewhat subtle almost cherry medicine like taste, if you’re familiar with dabbing cbd you know what I mean Effect: Clear focused head, with decent body relief, technically labeled a sativa but with the heavy amount of cbd not anxiety inducing. Negatives: For a live product I expected a stronger terp profile, even at super low temps the flavor is very mild I found this to be good for anytime of the day but most ideal for the morning as it was medicating enough to get myself moving but not overly powerful that I got easily distracted harlequin live sap by cresco labs dab review by chauncey_thecannaseur #chaunceyapprovedoil #badlandzbuddlifferz #pammj #TwaxFam #allwhiteashes #chaunceyVscancer #phillystoners #phillydabbers #710 #cbd #thc #liveresin #headstashonly
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